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How to Take Flawless Photos of Sweetlips

Bright colors, large eyes and pouty mouths make sweetlips particularly photogenic fish. Learn these tricks to help guarantee picture-perfect results every time.

Pro Shooters Offer 101 Tips for Underwater Photographers

Underwater photographers Marty Snyderman and Eric Riesch release new Wise Divers eBook series, 101 Tips for Underwater Photographer.

Three Secrets of Professional Underwater Photographers

Go beyond the underwater photo basics and learn from the pros in this video tutorial from Brent Durand.

How to Use Slow Shutter Speeds Underwater

Utilizing slow shutter speeds is an easy way to create a feeling of movement in your underwater images. Brent Durand walks us through the technique in this video tutorial.

Underwater Photography Tips for Mastering Exposure and Histogram

Mastering exposure is a fundamental skill in underwater photography and video. It’s essential to capture correct exposure in-camera as you’re creating each image.

The Best Camera Settings for Underwater Photography

As underwater photographers progress, they slowly move from automatic to manual settings. Here's what you need to keep in mind.

Underwater Photography Tips for Shooting Sunbursts

Most underwater cameras can create sunbursts when used with a strobe or flash and some manual settings. Here are three tips to start creating sunbursts in your underwater photos.

Three Unusual Wide-Angle Underwater Photography Tips

In this video tutorial and article from Brent Durand, we go beyond the basic recommendations and look at some essential tips for improving your photos.