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SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1300S

With an ergonomic grip and simple, user-friendly operation, this 1,300-lumen light is well-suited for primary use.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1300S Power Kit

Depth-rated to 330 feet, this light is constructed out of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 900S Power Kit

Small and lightweight, this torch easily slips into a BC pocket. Though it’s the perfect size for a backup, the narrow 900-lumen spot beam is powerful enough for primary use.

SeaLife SportDiver Sea Dragon 2500 Set

Use your smartphone’s powerful imaging capabilities underwater with the Bluetooth-enabled, vacuum-sealed housing.

SeaLife Sportdiver

This Bluetooth-enabled housing lets you put your iPhone or Android smartphone’s camera to work underwater.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Universal Flash

Compatible with all SeaLife DC-series cameras and any other camera with a built-in flash, this strobe provides light and color for underwater photographers.

SeaLife Pro Dual Beam

This versatile underwater light combines several functions into one easy-to-use system