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What It's Like to Be an Underwater Photographer in Ningaloo Reef

Whether it’s photographing guests or dodging whale sharks feasting on a krill cloud, every day is an adventure for this photographer. Read her most memorable encounter, how she got here, and how she continues to inspire others with her work.

Ask a Pro Photographer: How to Use Photography for Conservation

Learn how to bring purpose to your photography from photo pro, Jay Clue by using your photos and videos for conservation and marine research.

The Best Underwater Cameras for Beginners

Pro photographer Jay Clue cuts through the noise to help you find the best beginner underwater camera based on your photography goals.

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Brooks

This British marine-scientist-turned-artist describes how her life at sea and first-hand experiences with conservation led to a full-time career as an artist and science communicator.

Photographing Blennies With Personality

Taking good and interesting pictures of fish isn’t easy—you really need their personalities to shine for the average person to take notice. Here’s how to coax blennies into putting on a show for your camera.

8 Breathtaking Underwater Images from Scuba Diving Magazine's 2023 Photo Contest

Our 2023 Honorable Mentions capture the enchanting beauty of life beneath the waves.

Announcing Scuba Diving Magazine's 2023 Underwater Photo Contest Winners

From a tiny whip coral shrimp to an orca hunting rays, these are the underwater images that came out on top in *Scuba Diving's* 2023 Through Your Lens photo contest.

Meet Scuba Diving Magazine's 2023 Photo Contest Winners

These award-winning underwater photographers share their competition advice, favorite subjects and more.