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Ariella Simke

Ariella has been a writer and editor with Scuba Diving Magazine since 2021. She fell in love with the underwater world early in life and worked as a scuba instructor on both coasts of the U.S. while completing college and her graduate work in Marine Biology. When she isn’t on travel assignments or editing stories, she enjoys outdoor adventure sports, tending to the jungle of plants in her home and taking copious photos of her cats, Squid and Ham.

Fighting to Save the Caribbean's Coral Reefs

Coral conservation in the Bahamas and across the Caribbean region is in full swing after a warming event caused historic bleaching. Scientists and nonprofits rely on coral tree nurseries, gene banking and outplanting tiny coral fragments back onto the reefs to restore areas that have been decimated.

How to Dive Maui Without Breaking the Bank

Pack your vacation full of budget-friendly underwater time and keep your schedule flexible with the shore diving on Maui

A Liveaboard Trip of A Lifetime

The pristine reefs of Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and Visayas provide the backdrop for a 10-day family dive trip to the Philippines.

Artist Spotlight: Rachel Brooks

This British marine-scientist-turned-artist describes how her life at sea and first-hand experiences with conservation led to a full-time career as an artist and science communicator.

Maui, the Aftermath: Stories of Loss, Grief and Community

How the unprecedented fires devastated a historic town and its people-including the dive community. Here is what you need to know three months later and how you can help

Seeking Action-Packed Diving in Hawaii

Seeking more than a relaxing dive vacation, two Scuba Diving editors set off to explore Hawaii’s wild side with daredevil stunts and far-out excursions on three different islands.

5 Things I Learned Diving with My Family on a Liveaboard

A PADI Scuba Instructor tries out liveaboard diving for the first time in the Philippines with her family in tow. Here's what came out of the adventure.

Divers Cull the Tide of Urchins to Help Save Kelp

A team of hammer-wielding divers cull urchins off the coast of California in an effort to restore kelp forests.

Into the Frenzy: Diving Baja's Mobula Ray Aggregations

A growing industry demands a new approach to wildlife tourism in Baja California Sur.