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VIDEO: 5-Year-Old Cage Dives with Great White Sharks

By Melissa Smith | Published On January 31, 2020
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VIDEO: 5-Year-Old Cage Dives with Great White Sharks

While shark-cage diving is a popular bucket-list activity, it’s not one that’s often crossed off at the age of five.

That is, unless you’re part of a family famous for adventure.

Manilla Gee, 5, and Dorothy Gee, 7, the eldest children of the Instagram- and YouTube-sensation Bucket List Family, recently embarked on their first shark cage dive, showing off how peaceful these often-misjudged creatures can be.

The family — Manilla, Dorothy, dad Garrett, mom Jessica, and younger brother Calihan — travels the world full-time, seeking adventure and ticking off their bucket list. While visiting Baja California, in western Mexico, they decided to dive with great white sharks.

“I was a little bit scared,” Dorothy said after the dive. “But then I was brave.”

While there are no recorded deaths from cage diving with sharks, commenters have been quick to voice their disapproval.

One comment reads: “Only takes a second and something can go horribly wrong with holes in a cage like that.”

Another commenter added: “I would never bring my small children into a great white shark cage.”

However, others have been impressed by the children’s courage.

“Swimming with sharks is one of my biggest fears,” one commenter says. “This video was very inspiring!”

The Bucket List Family’s adventures started in 2015, after Garrett sold a mobile app he developed for $54 million. The couple decided to sell the majority of their belongings and see the world for six months — a trip that has turned into years of globetrotting as family travel journalists.