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Win a Dive Trip with Aggressor Adventures and Georgia Aquarium

Aggressor Adventures and the Georgia Aquarium have teamed up to launch the Ocean Science Leadership Program to attract young marine professionals.

PADI Club Plans Benefit Expansions

You won’t want to miss what PADI Club has in store for next year.

Apeks Announces New Scuba Wetsuit and SMB Reel for 2022

Apeks has announced a new 8/7-mm scuba wetsuit and a heavy-duty SMB reel for 2022.

Take a Sneak Peak at 2022 Dive Gear

Here's the new equipment divers have to look forward to in 2022.

AquaLung Announces New Scuba Diving BCD, Dive Computer and More for 2022

AquaLung has announced their new dive computer, scuba wetsuit, BCD and scuba fins for 2022.

Hollis Showcases New Wing Systems for 2022

Hollis has showcased their ST Elite and DT wing systems for 2022.

New Tank Lets Scuba Divers Ditch Their BCD

Avelo has created a scuba tank that weighs less and holds more breathing gas than a standard scuba tank that compensates for buoyancy changes as the diver breathes down the tank, eliminating the need for a BCD.

Pinnacle Aquatics Showcases New Tahoe Neoprene Drysuit for 2022

Pinnacle Aquatics has showcased their new Tahoe neoprene drysuit for 2022.

Dive Rite Showcases New XT4 Scuba Regulator for 2022

Dive Rite has showcased their new XT4 second stage scuba regulator for 2022.