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Why You Should Join PADI Club

Along with receiving a subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, PADI Club members

Meet the 2024 Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest Judges

Meet the guest judges of the 2023 Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest

Announcing the 2024 Photo Contest

The annual "Through Your Lens" photo contest is now open for submissions. Cut your teeth on a well-known underwater contest whether you're a beginner or a pro.

TUSA Scores Big in ScubaLab Testing

Discover the mask, fins and snorkel that made waves in the 2023 and 2024 ScubaLab tests.

Your First Set of Scuba Gear: A Buyer's Guide

What divers need to know, regulator to fins, to get the scuba gear that's right for you.

PADI Club Member Spotlight: Felipe Martins

Meet content producer and president of the Institute of Sustainable Health Felipe Martins, our PADI Club Member of the Month.

PADI Club Member Spotlight: Chrisie John

Chrisie John, a travel nurse currently based in Hawaii, is the first PADI Club member we are spotlighting. Learn more about Chrisie and what it means to be a Club member.

Best Gifts for Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers

It's not too late to purchase the perfect gift for your ocean-loving dive buddy