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SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1300s Dive Light: ScubaLab Best Buy

By Robby Myers | Updated On November 4, 2022
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SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1300s Dive Light: ScubaLab Best Buy

We tested the SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 1300s. It was our Best Buy for full-size dive lights.

We measured light output on a full and partially discharged battery at Wilger Testing Company in Sarasota, Florida. Lights were tested using an integrating sphere to measure the total light output in lumens, without regard to beam angle.

We also tested lights at Devil’s Den Spring in Williston, Florida with a team of test divers who scored them in several categories including ease of use, light output and beam size and shape.

A favorite of test divers, the Mini 1300s features an ergonomic size that makes it readily suited for use as either a primary or secondary dive light. Its textured handle sits comfortably in the hand and took the top score for ease and security of grip.

The light features an easy-to-operate push-button that cycles between three power levels and two emergency flashes. Testers felt the three brightness settings were distinct and useful and scored the light very good for power levels. In the lab, the light was within 20 percent of the manufacturer’s output and dimmed by 50 percent after an hour of use.

The light’s 8-degree beam features a powerful hotspot with a gradual fallout. Test divers scored it good for beam size and shape, and light output. “Nice narrow spot cuts through the murk with just enough peripheral vision,” one test diver commented. “Perfect size and shape,” another said.

Offering solid all-around performance with a good balance between ergonomics, power and price, the Sea Dragon Mini 1300s is our Best Buy for full-size dive lights.