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Seac Screen Dive Computer: ScubaLab Best Buy

By Robby Myers | Updated On December 2, 2021
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Seac Screen Dive Computer: ScubaLab Best Buy

We tested the Seac Screen. Easy to operate and read, it was our Best Buy for dive computers under $450.

We tested dive computers at the University of Southern California Hyperbaric Chamber on Catalina Island. We also tested computers in the field at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Central Florida.

We put computers through a series of simulated dives to gauge the performance of their decompression algorithms. We evaluated how easy computers were to set up and use, how well we could see their screens in different conditions, and how well they presented important data during our dives.

Named after it’s nearly 2-inch-wide dot matrix display, the Screen manages to be large, but not bulky, thanks to its thin, slightly curved profile. “Feels good on the wrist,” one test diver commented. “Big, but pretty slim and sleek,” another said. The low-profile design and two responsive, easy-to-reach buttons helped it take the top score for ergonomics in its category.

Testers scored the computer just good for intuitive operation, as a few functions, such as pressing both buttons simultaneously to back out of certain menus, can be frustrating until a new user commits them to memory.

The display took top score for ease of reading at the surface and was scored very good at depth, in part thanks to its excellent backlight. Large, bold characters are given plenty of breathing room on the spacious screen. That made for “super easy reading,” as it was described by multiple testers. During a dive, the matrix display can look a little empty, featuring just the NDL. But, during deco and safety stops, the remaining space provides clear instructions for stop depth and time.

Dive logs are simple, and display most dive info without needing to enter into a submenu for individual dives.

Easy to read and use, and surprisingly comfortable, the Screen was a favorite among test divers. It is our Best Buy for dive computers under $450.