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Awesome Masks and Snorkels for Scuba Diving

Basic gear has an outsized impact on your dive.
By Robby Myers | Updated On June 27, 2022
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Awesome Masks and Snorkels for Scuba Diving

ScubaLab's testing of masks and snorkels is designed to gauge how well these essential pieces of gear allow us to see and breathe in the water.

Test divers rate masks across five criteria, including ease and security of buckles and straps, openness of field of view, and internal volume, which affects the ease of equalizing and clearing. We give added weight to two factors—comfort and dryness—because they're critical to how your mask performs its job.

Snorkels are scored in seven areas, including noise and security/convenience of the mask attachment. Added weight is given to a snorkel's scores for comfort and dry operation. While masks and fins are typically tested in freshwater springs, snorkels are tested in the ocean from shore to better evaluate their ability to block water entry in swells and surf.

For ScubaLab gear reviews, visit our ScubaLab hub.

New Masks and Snorkels

Edge Max Vision Ultra


Angled drop-point lenses let divers see down and out to the sides to take it all in.

Jon Whittle

With two large tear-drop-shaped lenses, this mask provides a natural field of view in all directions. Optional high-definition lenses further improve visibility by enhancing color, sharpness and contrast underwater. Large push-releases are easy to access with gloves and allow for smooth, precise adjustment of the silicone mask strap. The skirt fits most face sizes and provides a very effective seal.

MSRP $44.95, $59.95 (with HD lenses) |

Gull Mantis LVR


Skirt designed to avoid diver’s hairline to increase effectiveness of the seal.


Part of Gull’s brand-new G-series, this dual-lens mask is outfitted with a UV420 lens with an anti-reflective coating to eliminate reflections and improve visibility underwater. A thin, light frame gives the mask a sleek appearance, and features engravings on the side for extra character. The Comfort-Fit Technology skirt has a smaller form factor than the Mantis LV, and dampeners around the cheeks to prevent distortion and improve comfort.

MSRP $210 |

Hog Frameless Pro


Frameless single-lens design with great field of view.

Jon Whittle

This low-volume mask offers a close fit with a comfortable, effective seal. The large rectangular shape of the ample single lens creates a wider viewing window while minimizing the mask’s internal volume. The resulting view is so open that it’s almost like you aren’t even wearing a mask. The frameless design allows the mask to fold flat for easy storage in a BC pocket.

MSRP $99.95 |

IST Sports Proteus Anti-Fog


Anti-fog film allows for crystal-clear, fog-free view.

Jon Whittle

One of three masks in IST Sports’ new Anti-Fog line, this dual-lens mask uses an anti-fog film on the inside of the lens for a crystal-clear view. The mask’s low-volume design is easy to equalize and clear, and it puts 
the lenses closer to the eyes for a natural field of view. Mask buckles use counterposed releases for quick strap adjustments.

Dealer pricing |

IST Sports Search


Custom prescription lenses available.

IST Sports

This mask uses a polycarbonate frame to reduce weight and increase durability. Dual tempered, scratch-resistant lenses provide clarity and safety. Swivel buckles are used to obtain a comfortable fit and allow for easy adjustment of the mask strap. The silicone skirt creates a soft, comfortable seal against the face. Optical lenses are available.

Dealer pricing |

Seac Italica 50


Available with special mirrored lens.

Jon Whittle

Made of soft, pliable silicone, the skirt of this single-lens mask creates a comfortable seal that feels good on the face. The sturdy frame uses stainless hardware and
 a hard metal coating for increased durability. Frame-mounted buckles provide a large range of adjustment for the liquid silicone strap, and can rotate and pivot to improve fit and comfort.

MSRP $89, $109 (mirrored lens) |

Seac Raptor S/BL Mask


Low- volume mask with excellent peripheral vision.

Jon Whittle

This dual-lens mask is constructed by over-molding 
the silicone skirt onto the frame. This minimizes the Raptor’s internal volume for easier equalizing and clearing, and reduces its overall size to minimize drag. The mask offers a comfortable seal and a wide field of view. Frame-mounted buckles can pivot and rotate to enhance the fit.

MSRP $89 |

Tusa Intega M2004


Low-volume dual-lens mask uses special design to fit all face shapes.

Jon Whittle

Low- volume dual-lens mask uses special design to fit all face shapes.


A unique fitting ring built directly into the mask skirt allows the Intega to mold to all face shapes and sizes
for a comfortable, watertight seal. Supple and soft, the skirt uses a hinge swing in the sealing surface to further enhance its effectiveness. Low-profile buckles allow for silent, effortless adjustment of the 3D mask strap. Corrective lenses are available.

MSRP $110 |

Tusa Paragon S M1007SQB


Three distinct layers are combined to create a highly durable frame.

Jon Whittle

Three distinct layers are combined to create a highly durable frame.


Featuring a lightweight, reinforced triple-layer frame, the single-lens Paragon S is built for extreme durability. Special fit technology improves skirt comfort and effectiveness. The wide UV420 lens blocks harmful rays and has an anti-reflective treatment for better color, clarity and contrast underwater. Five-position skirt-mounted buckles and an ergonomic mask strap assist in achieving the optimal fit.

MSRP $220 |

Tusa Zensee


Lightweight, low-volume mask with a great field of view.


Tusa’s first frameless scuba diving mask, the Zensee offers divers a low internal volume and a panoramic field of view. The low-friction skirt incorporates a special fitting ring to fit a variety of face shapes and sizes for a very comfortable and effective seal. A 3D mask strap contours to the shape of the head for a secure fit.

MSRP $99 |

Tusa Zensee Pro


High-end optics deliver superior clarity, color and light transmission.


This frameless mask shares the same basic design and features of the standard Zensee, but is outfitted with a CrystalView optical lens for superior clarity, color and light transmission. The lens also features an anti-reflective lens treatment and a UV420 lens treatment. The inside of the lens has a durable, long-lasting anti-fog film to prevent mask fogging.

MSRP $169 |

OTS Spectrum Full-Face Mask


Design provides flexibility to use your existing regulator.


This full-face scuba mask can be used with a variety of regulators, allowing most divers to hook it up to their existing reg. The double-seal face skirt provides a dry, comfortable fit for most faces, and the soft nose pocket makes for easy equalization. The mask can be upgraded with accessories, including an ambient breathing valve, OTS’s wired or wireless communications systems, and brackets for lights and cameras.

MSRP $449 |

Tusa HyperDry Elite II


Combines the best features of Tusa’s snorkels into a single model.


With a low-profile dry top, this snorkel keeps water out by closing quickly and efficiently when submerged or hit by waves. For any water that does accumulate in the mouthpiece, a high-flow, large-diameter valve at the bottom of the angled purge chamber can clear water in an instant. A two-part swivel adapter lets the snorkel rotate and can be used to quickly remove and attach the snorkel.

MSRP $65 |

Seac Set Tris Motus


Everything you need for freediving in one convenient set.


This set includes a dual-lens Seac One mask made of supple liquid silicone and a Jet snorkel streamlined for reduced drag in the water. The Motus fin uses a technopolymer blade designed for optimal responsiveness and a dual-density foot pocket that provides firm, comfortable stability to every kick. Four coordinated camo color options ensure stealth for spearfishing. Includes travel bag with shoulder and carrying strap.

MSRP $189 (black), $229 (camo) |