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AquaLung i330R Dive Computer: ScubaLab Testers Choice

By Robby Myers | Updated On November 15, 2021
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AquaLung i330R Dive Computer: ScubaLab Testers Choice

We tested the AquaLung i330R. Offering excellent ease of use and a crystal-clear color display, it was our Testers Choice for dive computers under $450.

We tested dive computers at the University of Southern California Hyperbaric Chamber on Catalina Island. We also tested computers in the field at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Central Florida.

We put computers through a series of simulated dives to gauge the performance of their decompression algorithms. We evaluated how easy computers were to set up and use, how well we could see their screens in different conditions, and how well they presented important data during our dives.

Measuring just over an inch wide, the i330R’s screen makes the most of the computer’s wrist-friendly dimensions, using an uncluttered layout and bold colors to strike a good balance between size and readability. “Terrific display, with excellent use of color to make data stand out,” one test diver commented. The computer’s display took the top score for visibility at depth, but suffers from glare at the surface, making it difficult to read in full sun.

The computer’s two-button operation is straight-forward and intuitive, making menus and settings, in the words of one test diver, “easy to access with little experience.”

Log data is visually appealing, but very basic. The dive display is similarly simple, but does feature a handful of alternate screens including gas mix information and a timer. Attention-grabbing audible alerts are accompanied by flashing on-screen prompts, and make good use of the color display. For example, NDL will change from green, to yellow and finally to red, as no-deco time decreases.

Although not all testers were fans of the computer’s NATO strap, the computer’s lightweight, compact profile helped it score very good for overall ergonomics. “Perfect size and shape,” one tester noted.

A favorite among test divers offering excellent visibility and ease of use, the i330R was our Testers Choice for dive computers under $450.