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14 Dive Computers Perfect for 2022

Plus: transmitters and an underwater heart rate monitor.
By Robby Myers | Updated On April 26, 2022
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14 Dive Computers Perfect for 2022


A Garmin dive computer is ready to be used on a dive boat.


How We Test Computers

ScubaLab computer testing is designed to evaluate two aspects of performance: how the computer’s decompression algorithm compares to others, how easily and effectively the computer interfaces with a potential new user in terms of intuitive operation, clarity of data and ease of reading.

To gauge algorithm performance, we conduct a series of four test dives, designed to simulate a full day of diving, at the University of Southern California Hyperbaric Chamber, recording no-deco times at multiple stages during each dive. We use the data to gauge their performance as liberal, conservative or average among the test group.

The divers score computers in nine categories, including intuitive operation, ease of reading underwater and at the surface, ease of navigating menus, and effectiveness of other features such as digital compass and alternate screen data. Divers also rate the effectiveness of a computer’s controls as well as its overall ergonomics.

Simulated dives are conducted in a small pressure chamber to evaluate each computer’s performance in situations not suitable for human test dives, such as warning, alarms and instructions displayed during rapid ascents or missed decompression.

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Garmin Descent G1 Solar


Rugged dive computer with solar-charging lens.

Jon Whittle

This dive computer is powered by sunlight and doubles as an everyday smartwatch. The computer has an easy-to-read monochrome display full of useful features, it has modes for recreational and technical scuba diving, freed diving and spear fishing—plus tons of built-in sports apps and fitness monitoring. It wirelessly syncs dive data to Garmin’s free dive log app.

MSRP $649.99 |

Garmin Descent Mk2


Seamless wireless syncing to Garmin’s free dive log app.


Presenting data on a well-organized display with intuitive graphics and bold colors, this computer is easy to read and understand. The Mk2’s operation is user-friendly despite its myriad dive, fitness, smartwatch and GPS mapping functions. For advanced divers, the Mk2 offers trimix and closed-circuit rebreather modes. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 80 hours of dive time.

MSRP $1,299.99 |

Garmin Descent Mk2i


Can be used with Garmin in Reach Mini to send and receive text alerts.


This dive computer is packed full of features, including wireless air integration with up to five of Garmin’s T1 transmitters (sold separately). Like the original Descent, the Mk2i has a sunlight-visible color display with a sensible, easy-to-read layout. It offers a digital compass, advanced dive modes and robust multi-sport capabilities, and comes outfitted with a stylish titanium bracelet.

MSRP $1,499.99 |

Garmin Descent Mk2S


Compact, customizable dive computer with smart-watch functionality.

Jon Whittle

With a 43 mm case and weighing about 2 ounces, this new Garmin computer takes all of the functionality of the Descent Mk2 and squeezes into an incredibly compact, lightweight dive instrument. The computer features the same easy-to-read display, intuitive operation, advanced dive modes and multi-sport functions as the original in a wrist-friendly size, and it comes in three color options.

MSRP $999.99 |

Seac Screen


Available with blue, red or white highlights.

Jon Whittle

The Screen’s wide LCD display with adjustable contrast and bright backlight makes it easy to read in any conditions. The two-button operation allows simple menu navigation, with a range of programmable features including safety-stop depth and time. The Screen has scuba, Freedive, and gauge models, and two-gas compatibility (including O2 up to 99%). It operates with a user-replaceable battery.

MSRP $299 |

Seac Screen Console


Provides all your dive data in an easy-to-read package.

Jon Whittle

This console combines the display of the Seac Screen computer with a pressure gauge and compass in a rugged, compact package. An ergonomic design with multiple attachment points keeps it secured while diving. The Screen has scuba, freediving and gauge modes; the console design allows easy replacement of the computer battery without removal from the protective boot.

MSRP $469 |

Shearwater Nerd 2


Advanced optics make view like that of a 25-inch TV from 12 feet away.


The NERD 2 keeps critical data in your line of sight throughout your dive with its advanced near-eye remote display and a highly adjustable mount that attaches to an open-circuit reg or rebreather. With air integration and three-axis digital compass, the NERD 2 requires just a glance at the magnified micro-LCD display to check no-deco time, gas pressure, heading and other info.

MSRP $1,650 |

Shearwater Perdix AI


Use up to four transmitters for side-mount and multiple-gas tec diving.

Jon Whittle

Its large screen and simplified operation make the Perdix AI a breeze to read, set up and operate for divers of all experience levels. Features include air integration, customizable screen layout and colors, three-axis compass, and two-button control with clear, intuitive screen prompts and no-fuss menu navigation. It’s powered by a standard AA battery for quick, convenient battery changes.

MSRP $995 |

Shearwater Peregrine


Affordable multi-gas dive computer suitable for entry-level divers.


Using an intuitive two-button operation with clear on-screen prompts, the Peregrine is simple to use, making it a good choice for new divers. Large characters on the customizable color display make for easy reading of dive data. Haptic feedback provides unmistakable alerts for critical information. Nitrox compatible with up to three different mixes.

MSRP $510 |

Shearwater Teric


Advanced capabilities and easy operation in a stylish watch design.

Jon Whittle

With a full-color display, watch-size ergonomics, intuitive operation and advanced capabilities, the Teric is equally at home on the wrist o the newest or most experienced diver. Wireless charging and Bluetooth log downloads to the free Shearwater Cloud app make the Teric as convenient as it is capable. Available in multiple strap and bezel color options.

MSRP $1,150 |

Shearwater Teric Journeys Edition


Included ballistic case features a premium sleeve with unique design.

Jon Whittle

This special-edition Teric sports a striking bronze bezel and black strap to celebrate the dive helmets and tools used by divers in underwater adventure stories and cinema such as the 1954 classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The elegant, timeless design of this simple-to-use, tec capable computer would be right at home on the wrist of Captain Nemo himself.

MSRP $1,150 |

Tusa TC1 IQ1301


Nitrox-capable wrist computer with adjustable backlight and vibrating alert.

Jon Whittle

This nitrox-compatible wrist computer has modes for scuba, gauge and freediving. Its intuitive operation is user-friendly, and the clearly labeled display has an adjustable backlight for easy reading. In addition to audible and visual alerts, users can enable noise-free vibrating alarms. The computer is based on the ZHL-16C algorithm and can automatically adjust for altitude diving.

MSRP $329.95 |


Genesis Two-Gauge Console


Compact 1.75-inch-diameter console fits easily in the hand.

Jon Whittle

This new two-gauge console is enclosed in a compact small-diameter case to reduce bulk and weight. The pressure gauge comes standard with a dual scale for imperial and metric measurements up to 5,000 psi/350 bar. The pressure gauge uses a bold color scale for easy reading, and both gauges glow in the dark for enhanced visibility in dark environments.

MSRP $190 |

Sherwood Two-Gauge Console


Pressure gauge comes standard with dual scale for measurements in psi and bar.

Jon Whittle

These reliable instruments allow divers to easily monitor direction and gas supply simultaneously. The durable console boot is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable secure grip, and the compass is mounted at an angle above the dual scale pressure gauge for accurate gun-sight navigation. Compass and SPG are both 2 inches in diameter and glow in the dark.

MSRP $190 |


Garmin T1 Transmitter


Wireless transmitter communicates with paired computers up to 10 meters away.


With the T1 transmitter, you can get tank pressure, air time remaining, air consumption and battery level sent directly to a paired Descent dive computer. SubWave sonar technology allows the T1 to communicate with computers within a range of up to 10 meters, so you can dive with multiple tanks or monitor another diver’s gas supply.

MSRP $399.99 |

Scubapro Digital Heart Rate Belt


New model comes with increased accuracy and longer battery life.

Jon Whittle

When used with a compatible Scubapro dive computer, this heart-rate monitor measures the diver’s heart rate and skin temperature, and factors that data into decompression calculations. The data is displayed on the computer screen during the dive and can be reviewed in the LogTrak app. This new model uses a softer, more comfortable strap than its predecessor.

MSRP $129 |

Scubapro Transmitter Smart + Pro


Flashing LED gives divers an easy-to-see estimate of tank pressure.

Jon Whittle

This wireless tank transmitter relays tank pressure and true remaining bottom time (RBT) to your dive computer. It is compatible with Scubapro’s G2, Galileo HUD and Aladin A2 dive computers. An integrated LED in the cap of the transmitter will flash green, orange and red to provide a visual estimate of pressure when the first stage is attached to a tank.

MSRP $329 |

Shearwater Swift Transmitter


Easy “no tools” installation and removal from diver’s first stage.

Jon Whittle

Small and powerful, this wireless transmitter measures 76 by 34 mm and is depth-rated to 656 feet (200 meters). Collision avoidance protocols allow for multiple transmitters to be used simultaneously with a lower chance of dropped communications. An LED status indicator flashes when a transmission is sent or if an interfering signal is detected.

MSRP $395 |