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30 Iconic Places to Dive in 2024

Sometimes, the hardest part about planning a dive trip is deciding where to go. These are the most exciting destinations at the top of our ever-growing must-dive list.

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Fiji After Dark: One Diver’s Journey Into Night Diving

How one woman discovered an inky universe and faced her fears during an advanced open-water certification off Vomo Island, Fiji.

The Best Destinations for Wall Diving in 2023

Get vertical, and enjoy drifts, stellar visibility and a wide range of wildlife. These are the best wall diving destinations for 2023.

How Do You Save a Shark? Dive With It!

Shark diving drives conservation in Fiji’s Shark Reef Marine Reserve, where locals show tourists and neighbors alike what to love about this apex predator.

Great Island Getaways for Scuba Divers

Here are the classic dives, under-the-radar delights and trip tips you need to dive the Turks and Caicos, the Galapagos and Fiji.

Everything You Need to Know About Scuba Diving Viti Levu

Our coast-to-coast dive guide for the best sites, condition reports, where to stay, and topside adventures.

These Private Island Dive Resorts Take Seclusion to the Next Level

Seven private resorts that provide unrivaled dive access and complete privacy.