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Dive Computers

Are You Missing Out? The Benefits of an Air-Integrated Dive Computer

An air-integrated dive computer—such as the Peregrine TX—makes it easier for you to see all your essential data with just a quick glance at your wrist.

Best New Scuba Gear May 2024

From the new Fourth Element mask to personalized waterproof labels, ScubaLab takes a quick look at the best new gear this month.

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What divers need to know, regulator to fins, to get the scuba gear that's right for you.

Scubapro G3

With its rugged stainless case and rotating bezel, the G3 may look like a classic dive timepiece, but inside are all the features of an advanced dive computer.

Scubapro Luna 2.0 and Luna 2.0AI

The large high-contrast display and vivid LED backlight make the Luna 2.0 a joy to read underwater.

SEAC Screen

The Screen’s wide LCD display with adjustable contrast and bright backlight makes it easy to read in any condition.

Shearwater TERN TX

This version of Shearwater’s new compact, watchstyle Tern computer features wireless air-integration for up to four Swift transmitters.

Shearwater TERN

The stylish Tern packs five dive modes and a brilliant display into Shearwater’s most compact computer.