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Divers Remove 14,000 Pounds of Trash in the Florida Keys

Divers play a crucial role in preserving the environments we cherish. Discover how one diver's outlook on ocean pollution transformed after participating in the largest organized cleanup in the Florida Keys.

Rescued Endangered Sawfish in Florida Keys Dies in Captivity

On April 5, 2024, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium responded to rescue a distressed smalltooth sawfish after someone called the sawfish hotline; the animal was seen swimming in circles in a Cudjoe Bay canal in the Florida Keys.

How Spore Banks Can Save Kelp

Increasing water temperatures can spell disaster for kelp, underwater sea forests that are home to hundreds of species. Spore banks actively work to rescue and regrow kelp in distress

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Lionfish to Sharks

Spearing lionfish and feeding them to non-native predators has long been touted as a conservation-friendly solution to the invasive lionfish problem, but it can have serious consequences for divers.

What to Know About the Fourth Global Coral Bleaching Event

Since February 2023, record-high global sea surface temperatures have stressed corals, leading to a fourth global bleaching event. Fifty-four countries and territories spanning all ocean basins—Atlantic, Pacific and Indian—have reported severe coral bleaching.

Jessica Pate Awarded May Sea Hero for Manta Ray Conservation

Jessica Pate's dedication to conserving the majestic rays of Florida through identification and education make her this month's sea hero.

How Captive Breeding is Helping Shark Conservation

The organization ReShark works to help threatened shark populations bounce back in a unique way.

30 Iconic Places to Dive in 2024

Sometimes, the hardest part about planning a dive trip is deciding where to go. These are the most exciting destinations at the top of our ever-growing must-dive list.

This Organization Wants to Make Diving More Eco-Friendly

There's no question that most scuba divers share a deep-rooted love with the ocean. But are divers taking as many precautions as possible to protect the ecosystem they adore? This organization provides above-and-beyond training to help divers become as sustainable as possible.