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Cave and Cavern Diving

How the BARE Guardian Tech Dry Drysuit Performed in My Intro to Cave Class

Where better to put a drysuit through its paces than in Florida's iconic cave systems? Okay, maybe Antarctica, but when you test drysuits in Florida, something that can hold up to the rough limestone walls of a cave takes precedence.

Unearthing Adventure: The Top Cave, Cavern and Grotto Destinations for Divers

Where to drop in for stalactites, fossils, silversides and miles of hidden potential

The Best Scuba Diving in the World

We polled thousands of divers—they say these places have the best diving in the world.

Say Hello to Hells Bells, the World’s Largest Collection of Living Stalactites

Zapote Cenote, nicknamed Hells Bells, gives divers the chance to get up close and personal with a rare underwater phenomenon.

The Best Destinations for Diving Caves, Caverns and Grottoes

These are the greatest places to explore unique geologic formations, according to our annual Readers Choice survey.

Scientists Are Saving Ancient Cave Art From Rising Sea Levels—And You Can Tour The Submerged Cavern

Researchers are racing to complete digitization of ancient cave art in a submerged Mediterranean cavern as rising sea levels and plastic pollution threaten to scrub them from the annals of history.

Entering the Underworld: Cavern Diving in Grand Bahama

Cavern diving Ben’s Cave in Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park delivers an adventure of mythological proportions.

Exploring the Bahamas’ Crystal Caves in Abaco

What you need to know to dive Crystal Caves in Abaco, Bahamas, which wrap cave divers in caramel crystals trapping Sahara dust underground.

Missing Thread | Lessons for Life

Staying with your buddy is a fundamental rule of diving no matter how experienced you are.