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Alexandra Gillespie

Alexandra Gillespie is a freelance writer that specializes in water and travel. Previously a digital editor of Scuba Diving magazine, her writing has appeared in Outside, NPR, National Geographic, and other national outlets.

What It’s Like to Swim With Humpback Whales

Swim with massive humpback whales in the Dominican Republic! A breathtaking, up-close encounter with an energetic calf puts on an adorable show.

How to Dive Mexico’s Socorro Island

Lovers of pelagic diving will be wowed by the encounters in Mexico’s Revillagigedo Archipelago. Here are the best dive sites and how to reach these remote waters.

Marine Species Invasion or Relocation

Alaskan pollock, black sea urchins and other marine species seek out new territories in the face of climate change

Think Beyond Pink

Shrinking men’s gear doesn’t turn it into women’s gear. Women have proportionally smaller torsos, longer legs, broader hips, narrower shoulders and lower metabolic rates. When such differences are ignored in gear design, it impacts our dive comfort and safety. See what manufacturers are doing to bridge this gap.

Five Books About Shipwrecks and Their Explorers

Discover Great Lakes shipwrecks, experience a real-world treasure hunt, uncover the life of the Titanic after she sank and more with these titles.

Five Adriatic Sea Shipwrecks to Dive in Montenegro

Wreck diving in the Adriatic Sea spans millennia, giving history buffs the chance to witness whichever eras they wish.

Five Marine Science Books for Scuba Divers

Peer inside seaweed, seashells, coral reefs, algae and eels with this collection of books about the ocean.

The Hidden Wonders of Wreck Diving in Sudan's Central Red Sea

A WWII wreck and an abandoned Cousteau research station beckon liveaboard divers below the waves and into history.

PADI to Host Free Early Screenings of “Thirteen Lives,” New Thai Cave Diving Rescue Film

Thanks to Prime Video, divers in ten cities around the country will be able to see the film before it premieres at no cost.