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Aqualung Pro HD Compact BC: ScubaLab Testers Choice

ScubaLab reviews the lightweight, travel-friendly BC
By Robby Myers | Published On June 17, 2024
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Aqualung Pro HD Compact BC: ScubaLab Testers Choice

ScubaLab Tested BCs at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Central Florida. We conducted objective tests in the pool to measure buoyant lift and inherent buoyancy and to gauge each BC's ability to cope with a runaway power inflator.

We also conducted a series of test dives, during which test divers scored BCs in eleven categories, including comfort, stability and ascent control.

Weighing less than five pounds in size small/medium, this travel-oriented BC uses lightweight materials and components to cut excess weight and bulk. The harness uses thinner webbing with simple hemmed edges and miniaturized D-rings. You won’t find a cummerbund or quick-disconnect shoulder buckles. A soft back plate allows the BC to fold and even roll up for easy packing.

Only two sizes were available during our testing, but their wide range of adjustment accommodated all of our test divers.

$549 |

Despite the BC’s stripped-down appearance, it includes a full complement of metal D-rings, integrated weight pockets, a wider-than-average drop-down pocket, and plenty of padding.

The inflator and low-profile exhaust valves operate smoothly while the streamlined air cell provides a natural swimming positions.

The BC impressed most of our test divers with its hardly-there comfort. However, even with a heavily cushioned back pad, some divers reported that they could feel their tank right on their tailbone. Even so, this travel BC was a favorite of test divers with solid performance and features. The AquaLung Pro HD Compact is a ScubaLab Testers Choice for back-inflation BCs.