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SEAC I50 Torch

This new primary light leverages Seac’s history of dive torch development to deliver the latest in flexibility and convenience.

SEAC U-1000

Made in Italy from a special thermoplastic polymer, the long, supple blade of the U-1000 is designed to flex precisely to capture a large amount of water, producing maximum thrust with every kick.

SEAC Icona

This frameless mask made in Italy features a 4 mm-thick tempered glass lens wrapped in two types of overmolded silicone for a comfortable, ergonomic skirt that adapts to a variety of face shapes and sizes.

SEAC Space 5MM

Constructed of flexible neoprene, the Space suit provides a natural range of motion. The suit is easy to don and doff, and features zippers at the wrists, ankles and chest.


Flawless performance and refined ergonomics were the design goals of the new IT500, made in Italy.

SEAC Screen

The Screen’s wide LCD display with adjustable contrast and bright backlight makes it easy to read in any condition.

The Best New Dive Computers of 2023 Reviewed

ScubaLab tests eight new dive computers released in 2023. Including computers from Oceanic, Garmin and Shearwater.