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What it Takes to Supply Air Refills on a Liveaboard

An international provider for compressed-air systems shares what it takes to refill your tank in the middle of the ocean.

Waterproof Body X Exposure Suit: ScubaLab Best Buy

Comfortable, warm, versatile and attractively priced, the Waterproof Body X was our Best Buy for neutrally buoyant exposure suits.

Mares Ultraksin Steamer: ScubaLab Testers Choice

Comfortable, warm and versatile, the Mares Ultraskin Steamer earned Testers Choice honors in our neutrally buoyant exposure suit test.

Genesis Centauri Dive Computer: ScubaLab Best Buy

Capable, easy to use and affordable, the Genesis Centauri dive computer was our Best Buy in the 2020 ScubaLab review.

Garmin Descent Mk2i Dive Computer: ScubaLab Testers Choice

Refined, highly-capable, yet remarkably easy to use, the Garmin Descent Mk2i dive computer was our Testers Choice for dive computers in the 2020 ScubaLab review.

The Gear You Need for Warm Water Diving

Leave the bulky and thick wetsuits behind. Diving in warm water calls for lightweight and comfortable dive gear.

The Gear You Need for Shore Diving

Here’s some gear that can help you get the most out of your shore diving experience.

The Best Neutrally Buoyant Exposure Suits

ScubaLab tested and reviewed six neutrally buoyant exposure suits for use wet or dry plus two new drysuit undergarments.

Scubapro Releases New MK19 EVO/D420 Regulator

Scubapro has released its newest reg, pairing up one of its most iconic second stages with an all-new first stage.