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Why You Should Join PADI Club

Along with receiving a subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, PADI Club members

3 Mindful Techniques to Improve Your Diving

Ask a group of divers to share the most important piece of equipment they dive with, and you're likely to get as many answers as you have divers. Here, we make the case that it's actually the one thing you can't purchase at a dive shop: your mental well-being.

What Does It Mean When You Have Post-Dive Ear Pain?

Ear pain after a dive can signify bigger problems that shouldn't be ignored. Here's what can cause that pain—and where to seek treatment.

How To Pick a Scuba Diving Instructor

Discover key qualities to look for, such as effective communication, safety prioritization, and eco-consciousness, to ensure a safe and enjoyable underwater adventure.

What to Do If You Don't Like Your Dive Guide

Training expert Annie Crawley answers an uncomfortable, yet common, question about dive etiquette. Get her zero-judgment advice on approaching the situation and making you feel like a more confident diver.

What It's Like to Be an Aquarist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Aquarists are people responsible for the well-being of every animal in captivity at an aquarium. We're highlighting one diver's journey so you can decide if it's the right career path for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Nitrox Diving

What is nitrox diving, what are the benefits of enriched air nitrox vs. air and how do you get your enriched air certification? Here’s everything divers need to know.

How to Find a Doctor for Scuba Medical Advice

It's wise to schedule a medical checkup before embarking on a dive trip—even better if you can see a doctor who specializes in diving. Thankfully, there are resources to help you find one.

How to Choose Between Rebreather Styles

Join PADI Pro Jay Clue as he explores the differences between chestmount, backmount and sidemount closed-circuit rebreathers and his suggestions for choosing your first style of rebreather.