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Annie Crawley

Underwater explorer Annie Crawley works around the world with fins on her feet and cameras in hand. As a multi-media creator her mission connects people to the ocean across many mediums. As a motivational speaker, photographer, writer, and a PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor she strives to inspire all about our incredible blue world.

What to Do If You Don't Like Your Dive Guide

Training expert Annie Crawley answers an uncomfortable, yet common, question about dive etiquette. Get her zero-judgment advice on approaching the situation and making you feel like a more confident diver.

How to Be a Better Underwater Navigator

Some people are more inclined to lose their bearings when diving, but there are ways to improve. These techniques will help you hone your skills so you become a navigation pro.

Deep Diving 101: What You Should Know

Venturing into the depths is a hard-to-resist temptation for many divers, but it’s not without its risks. Here’s what you should know before diving in headfirst.

How to Make the Most of Your Drysuit

As cold-water diving becomes increasingly more popular, divers are finding more opportunities to don a drysuit—something that isn’t always intuitive. Brush up on these tips before you suit up up for the first time.

The Joy of Mentoring New Divers

Mentorship is an essential part of maintaining the tight-knit dive community we know and love. It not only introduces new divers to the sport, but it also shapes how we travel and explore.

Buddy 101: How to Dive With Someone New

Dive buddies are integral to exploring the underwater world. These tips will help you come up with an effective safety plan when you take the plunge with someone new.

The Art of Breathing Underwater

Learn new tips from expert Annie Crawley on how your diving will change for the better when you become aware of your breath.

Everything You Need to Know About Diving from a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

Don't rock the boat! A guide to what you need to know before diving off a rigid hull inflatable boat.

Malpelo: Oasis in the Deep

Explore the beauty hidden beneath this underwater mountain chain off the coast of Colombia.