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Want Exploration and Rejuvenation? Try Sailing a Spa through the Maldives.

A seasoned diver finds whale sharks, cleaning stations and creatures of the night aboard the *Scubaspa*—part hardcore diver nirvana, part spa splurge immersion.

Eight of the Most Exciting Dives in the World

Get your heart beating and blood flowing when you dive any of these high-octane sites from Egypt to French Polynesia.

Solving Ocean Conservation Woes from "K to Grey" on Saba

Saba holds a monthlong conservation festival called Sea & Learn that gives locals the opportunity learn what they can do for the surrounding sea.

How Kitchen Vinegar Is Keeping Sea Star Populations in Check

When injected with vinegar, the endemic coral-eater will die within 48 hours without negative impacts on the surrounding ecosystem, according to a years-long study.

Unique Places to Get Scuba Certified

If you’ve been meaning to get scuba certified and want an extra-unique experience, consider one of these five locations for your scuba course.

The Keys to Learning to Dive

Whether you plan to get scuba certified or want to advance your dive certification, the Florida Keys provide dive opportunities for all.

Five Great Desert Dives

Places you can go scuba diving in the desert, from the Untied States to the Middle East.

What It's Like to Dive the World's Deepest Pool

Deep Dive Dubai’s is more than a pool — it's got a library, gym, living room, billiards table and more!

Five Awesome Blue Hole Dive Sites

Dive deep from the Bahamas to Egypt with these jaw-dropping sinkholes (and man-made wonders!).