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Five of the World's Most Luxurious Liveaboards

Live in luxury when you dive with any of these boats, from the Galapagos the Maldives.

Deadly Coral Disease Spreads Through Sand, Study Finds

Ocean sand can transmit stony coral tissue loss disease, which has killed millions of coral colonies in Florida and the Caribbean since 2014.

Pristine Coral Reef Untouched by Bleaching Discovered in Tahiti

A pristine reef unaffected by coral bleaching has been discovered in Tahiti more than 100 feet deep by a team of divers mapping the ocean floor for UNESCO.

World’s Largest Colony of Fish Nests Found Under Polar Ice

Millions of icefish nests were discovered more than 1,600 feet below the ice in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea.

Massive "Sea Dragon" Fossil Discovered in the UK

The ichthyosaur, excavated throughout August and September 2021, is the largest and most complete specimen ever discovered in the U.K.

Ocean Warming Could Lead to Smaller Fish, New Study Finds

Ocean warming puts fish are at risk of becoming smaller due to the lower oxygen content of warm water, reports a new study.

Sea Lions Use Whiskers Like Humans Use Fingertips, Scientists Find

Sea lions use their whiskers in “task-specific” ways, adjusting the specific way they’re moved depending on what they intend to discover about a particular object.

Scuba Diving YouTuber Solves Cold Cases

A Georgia-based scuba diver and YouTuber recently solved a 20-year cold case using just his dive gear, sonar and underwater exploration equipment.

Scientists Find Evidence Leopard Seals Feed on Sharks

During the study that led to this revelation, researchers looked at shark remains found in the scat of the leopard seals as well as visible signs of struggle on the seals’ bodies.