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What It's Like to Dive with Polar Bears

This professional cave diver treks through the remote Canadian Territory of Nunavut to scuba dive with the greatest predator in the Arctic.

Scuba Diving West Canada’s Emerald Sea

Dive into the iridescent waters of Canada’s west coast, and you will soon understand why it is known as one of the best diving destinations in the world.

Scuba Diving Canada’s Interior Waterways

Canada’s Prairie provinces are anything but monotonous flatlands. They are an undiscovered gem, filled with chances to dive sites that nobody has seen before.

Scuba Diving Canada's Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River

There are many intact and diveable shipwrecks scattered throughout Canada's Great Lakes.

Water is Life. It's Time We Act Like It.

There is no life without water; we have to protect it.

Scuba Diving Newfoundland and Eastern Canada

Shipwrecks, icebergs, whales and the Newfoundland Bell Island Mine await scuba divers looking to explore in Eastern Canada.

Scuba Diving Canada's Great White North

Encounter charismatic megafauna and colorful marine invertebrates underwater in Canada's Arctic.

How Low Can You Go?

These nine dive destinations go from cold to coldest and put your cold water tolerance to the test. How low will you go for a dive?

How to Avoid Cave Diving Accidents and Stay Alive, According to an Expert Explorer

Renowned cave diver and underwater explorer Jill Heinerth shares how she stays alive in the trickiest of cave diving situations, from embracing fear to thinking small.