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Dive Hacks: Tips for Wreck Diving

Always wanted to explore a wreck, but not sure where to start? We've got tips on wreck diving from a pro that will have you down there (safely) in no time.

Why Scuba Divers Should Become Citizen Scientists

Divers have access that can help save the world—become a citizen scientist and join the fight on the front lines.

What It Takes to Scuba Dive in Arctic Conditions

How scuba divers prepare for scuba diving in arctic regions, such as Antarctica, Greenland, Norway and more.

Underwater Communication Tips for Scuba Divers

Underwater communication is not a simple task when you're scuba diving, but there are solutions and tips to help get your point across.

Pro Tips for Finding Marine Life While Scuba Diving

Tips from pro dive guides on how to find small fish and marine critters on the reef while scuba diving.

How to Build a Community of Dive Buddies

Four reasons to consider building your own personal diving community.

Altitude Diving: The Challenges and Benefits for Scuba Divers

The benefits of altitude diving are clear, but there are some challenges such as the difference in dive tables and more.

Tips for Scuba Diving in Low Visibility

Pro tips for scuba diving safety in low visibility, and how to make the most out of a dive with bad viz.

How To Customize Your Scuba Gear for Max Performance

For added comfort underwater, follow these tips on how to customize your scuba gear setup—with tips for regulators, BCDs and more.