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Beyond the Data: Merging Traditional and Scientific Knowledge for Ocean Conservation

Through collaborative efforts, locals and scientists studying in the South Pacific work together to build a resilient future.


What It's Like Diving Australia's Neutrally-Buoyant Wonder Reef

Created by artists and engineers, Wonder Reef’s nine spiral flute structures form a floating reef off the coast of Queensland.

The Best Islands in Fiji for Scuba Divers

Drift dive, shark dive, reef dive and more — whatever your dive style, you’ll find it in Fiji.

Why You Should Plan a Solo Dive Trip

Just because you need a buddy to dive doesn't mean you need a buddy to book your dream dive trip. Read on for four reasons to book the solo trip anyways.

Where to Dive French Polynesia’s Big Five

Here’s where to go for incredible big animal encounters in French Polynesia, from whales to turtles.

Loving Lau’s Liveaboard Life

An experienced diver steps it up in Lau, a remote island chain in Fiji with 11-night Captain Cook Cruise onboard the MV *Reef Endeavour*.

How to Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga

The best time to swim with whales in Tonga, how to get there, rules, and more.