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Why You Should Join PADI Club

PADI Club members save big on training, travel and more
By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On July 8, 2024
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Why You Should Join PADI Club

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A PADI Club membership can provide more than $500 in savings per year.

PADI/Karl Shreeves

A diver’s journey doesn’t end when they receive a newly minted C-card—it’s just the beginning.

By taking advanced courses and specialties, building community with other divers, practicing skills and simply getting out to explore the underwater world, everyone can continue their lifelong journey to becoming a more competent and confident diver.

PADI Club offers numerous benefits— in all, a membership can provide more than $500 in savings per year—but a few are especially designed to aid divers in their quest for self-improvement.

Scuba Diving Magazine Annual Subscription

As the world’s leading dive magazine, Scuba Diving delivers reports from bucket-list destinations and hidden gems, training tips from the pros, incident reports and head-to-head ScubaLab gear reviews—all information that every diver desires.

Free PADI ReActivate Scuba Refresher

The PADI ReActivate program is the perfect way to regain confidence and refresh your skills before jumping back in the water. As a PADI Club member, you can take the online portion of the course as often as you like for free.

Exclusive Club Trips

Dive buddies become lifelong friends, so what's better than joining a PADI Club trip where you will become part of a community of ocean lovers on an epic adventure! PADI Club trips not only introduce you to our favorite dive locations, but they provide you with top-notch service from PADI Pros and specially curated events throughout the week. Previous trips visited iconic dive destinations such as Belize, Bonaire, the Florida Keys and Kona, Hawaii. The next PADI Club trip takes members to the peaceful and vibrant waters of La Paz, Mexico—where Club members can dive among playful sea lions in the Sea of Cortez.

20 Percent Discount on Select PADI ELearning Courses

From Advanced Open Water Diver to specialties such as Enriched Air Diver, this discount on PADI eLearning courses allows divers to expand their horizons and continue their education.

Free eCard Featuring Iconic Images

Never leave home without your certification card again! Claim 1 FREE eCard every year from a set of exclusive designs for PADI Club members only, featuring award-winning photos.

Protect the Environment

To show our continued commitment to environemtnal conservation, when you join PADI Club we'll donate 5 percent of your annual membership fee to PADI AWARE. PADI AWARE provides much-needed financial support and resources to those in the PADI community who are actively championing ocean conservation through hands-on, local ocean protection activities.

Free Divers Alert Network Prepared Diver Program

With engaging video modules and real-life scenarios, this course from DAN offers more on the science of diving so you can make informed decisions and minimize risk when you travel.

Exclusive Speaker Series

Exclusive to PADI members, our Club Speaker Series brings you face-to-face with some of the most interesting people in the dive industry. You can ask them questions live in a video Q&A setting.

Additional Benefits

What's that? There's more? Yes! Receive additional discounts and benefits from partners such as Salt Life, Uber, Costa del Mar, Go Pro and SeaLife.

PADI Club is the world’s largest diver membership program, inspiring adventure and connection to the ocean through pure and vivid content, exclusive privileges, and insider access to savings.

Visit to take advantage of these benefits and start planning your next dream trip.