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Announcing the 2024 Photo Contest

The annual "Through Your Lens" photo contest is now open for submissions. Cut your teeth on a well-known underwater contest whether you're a beginner or a pro.

How to Pack Your Underwater Camera Gear

Pro photographer Jay Clue shares his top tips for safely packing underwater camera gear for your next flight.

Ask a Pro Photographer: How Do You Edit Underwater Photos?

Pro Photographer Jay Clue shares his workflow and photo editing process to help you spend less time on the computer and more time out shooting.

Ask a Pro Photographer: How to Use Photography for Conservation

Learn how to bring purpose to your photography from photo pro, Jay Clue by using your photos and videos for conservation and marine research.

Ask a Pro Photographer: How to Achieve Awesome Color in Your Underwater Photos

Learn tips from pro photographer Jay Clue on capturing vibrant colors in your underwater photos by using custom white balance, lighting and photo editing software.

Taking Care of Your Underwater Photographer

A guide to being the buddy of an underwater photographer, including what to expect, how to help them out as a fellow diver, and how to help them get great photographs.

7 Ways To Prep for Your Next Photography Dive Trip

Richard Aspinall offers some advice on how to get the very best from your dive photography trip, by planning ahead to make every dive a little easier.

Dream Duo: Critter-Spotting and Reef Diving in Indonesia

Diving in Indonesia can deliver decidedly different experiences, depending on where you are. To the north, Lembeh is a muck diver’s paradise, but head south to Raja Ampat for some of the most remarkable reefs you can find.

Photographing Blennies With Personality

Taking good and interesting pictures of fish isn’t easy—you really need their personalities to shine for the average person to take notice. Here’s how to coax blennies into putting on a show for your camera.