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Marine Conservation

How to Dive Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is an off the beaten path destination for the most adventurous divers. Divers who visit the sanctuary can explore some of the healthiest corals in the world, a manta ray nursery and a chance to see whale sharks.

REEF Fest 2023

Join in the fun and education offered by this annual celebration of marine conservation.

Director of the University of Miami Shark Research and Conservation Program Named August Sea Hero

A former student of the University of Miami turned director of their shark conservation program, this shark researcher is dedicated to expanding opportunities in marine science education


What Can Divers Do to Help With Ocean Plastic Pollution?

In this edition of “Ask a Marine Biologist,” Dr. David Shiffman shares what individuals can do to help fight the scourge of ocean pollution.

What It's Like to Create an Underwater Museum in Minecraft

The Underwater Museum in Minecraft is a photography exhibition about the Peruvian Sea installed inside the videogame. The objective is to educate new generations about the great biodiversity of northern Peru through an immersive experience and thematic galleries.



Youth in Action: DiveN2Life Inspires the Next Gen

The next generation of marine conservationists find their calling through DiveN2Life.

6 Books Sure to Inspire Divers to Read, Act and Conserve

The perfect read for your surface interval this summer

Marine Species Invasion or Relocation

Alaskan pollock, black sea urchins and other marine species seek out new territories in the face of climate change