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6 Marine-Themed Books That Celebrate Pride Month

The spirit of Pride Month transcends species, and the books on our list exemplify this. The diversity we find among animal species is not unlike our own, and these stories remind us that, despite our many differences, we all have so much more in common than we think

Author Spotlight: Sophie van der Stap

Author Sophie van der Stap provides a glimpse into her passion for the ocean and what she hopes her readers, regardless of age, will take away from her recent books.

6 Riveting Books That Explore the Ocean

Can’t handle being away from the action when you’re not in the water? The books on our list let you expand your ocean exploration from the comfort of your home—using your imagination. There’s even something for younger, budding explorers.

6 Books Sure to Inspire Divers to Read, Act and Conserve

The perfect read for your surface interval this summer