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Shearwater Swift Transmitter

Small and powerful, the Shearwater Swift wireless tank transmitter is depth-rated to 656 feet and measures 76 mm by 34 mm.

Shearwater TERN TX

This version of Shearwater’s new compact, watchstyle Tern computer features wireless air-integration for up to four Swift transmitters.

Shearwater TERN

The stylish Tern packs five dive modes and a brilliant display into Shearwater’s most compact computer.

Shearwater TERIC

With a full-color AMOLED display, watch-size ergonomics, intuitive operation and advanced capabilities, the Shearwater Teric is equally at home on the wrist of the newest or most experienced diver.

Shearwater PETREL 3

This next-gen Shearwater Petrel has a 2.6-inch high-contrast AMOLED color display for easy visibility.

Shearwater PERDIX 2

This update to the original Shearwater Perdix has a 2.2-inch color display protected by a toughened aluminosilicate glass lens.

Shearwater NERD 2

Using an advanced near-eye remote display and a highly adjustable mount, the Shearwater NERD 2 attaches to an open-circuit regulator or rebreather to keep critical data in view throughout your dive.

Shearwater Peregrine Adventures Edition

This edition takes the original Shearwater Peregrine’s vibrant full-color display, multi-gas function and intuitive, customizable operation and spices it up with new styles.

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