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Liveabord Diving

One Scuba Diver’s Definition of “Happy Hour”

For landlubbers, Happy Hour means enjoying an adult beverage, but for this diver, a thrilling, 60-minute shark encounter is a much bigger adrenaline rush.

Magical Moments in Indonesia

All Star’s Velocean liveaboard is in a class of its own — discover everything it has to offer during an enchanting itinerary in the heart of the Coral Triangle.

Exploring the Best Caribbean Destinations Through Liveaboard Scuba Diving

Start your incredible Caribbean diving adventure today with Explorer Ventures Fleet®

From Budget and Beyond in the Bahamas

All Star Liveaboards has four Bahamas boats, giving divers multiple vacation options.

The Underwater Beauty of the British Virgin Islands

Old salts and new divers alike will love these fair isles.

Experience the Diversity of Komodo Diving Aboard the Arenui

The Arenui liveaboard offers divers the chance to explore the Komodo region and experience its underwater wonders.

Why Choose the Liveaboard Lifestyle?

Unique adventures await with Aggressor Liveaboards

The Liveaboard Diver “Map”

Analyzing geographic and age data can provide insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.