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Kraken Smart Housing 2.0 Pro

This Bluetooth-enabled, vacuum-sealed housing includes marine-resistant interior electronic components, and the large housing body and port ensure compatibility with larger phones.

Kraken NR-LEP01

This first-of-its-kind light features a laser-powered spot plus a 2500-lumen flood, making it ideal for anything from critter spotting to blackwater diving.

Kraken KS160 Flash

No matter how challenging the dive conditions or the subject, this powerful and ruggedly built new strobe is designed to deliver.

Kraken Ringlight 3000 V2

Designed to provide even lighting for still or video images of small macro subjects, this new ring light features 1,800 lumens of constant power with 3,000-lumen bursts that can be fired by fiber optic triggering.

Kraken Hydra WRGBU Series

This line of video lights ranges from 6,000- to 18,000-lumen models. In addition to a brilliant white 100-degree floodlight, the light includes red, green and blue LEDs that allow for creative lighting across the color spectrum.

Kraken LTD Series

These “limited” video lights remove some of the advanced features typically found in Kraken’s Hydra line to cut down on complexity and cost.