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Ice Diving

Local Diving: Payette Lake, Idaho

The perfect destination to practice the art of ice diving, Payette Lake's cold and clear waters are a must-dive experience.

VIDEO: What It's Like to Freedive a Glacier—Without a Wetsuit

The novice freediver shares what it took to dive Greenland’s ice for his personal mental health and to inspire others to face their own struggles.

Stunning Photos from the First Antarctic Dive Expedition in Two Years

Dive glaciers, meet a leopard seal and spot nesting penguins with these stunning images from the Seiko Watch Antarctica expedition.

What It’s Like to Be a Polar Dive Guide

Plunge into the gear, routine, and motivations that bring a diver back to the world’s coldest waters year in and year out.

What You Need to Know About a PADI Ice Diver Specialty

The PADI Ice Diver specialty covers the skills you need to appropriately manage your risk and confidently venture beneath the ice.

Diving with Leopard Seals in Antarctica

One determined diver achieves her dream of going nose-to-nose with an apex predator in its natural habitat. Here’s how you can dive with leopard seals in Antarctica too.

The Last Ocean: Saving the Ross Sea

Over just a few decades, climate change has transformed the very fundamentals of Antarctica's environment. We must find the will to save the Ross Sea.

A Guide to Ice Diving in the Midwest

Where to go ice diving in the American Midwest, how to prepare for the conditions, and what training is required to make the dive.

What It Takes to Scuba Dive in Arctic Conditions

How scuba divers prepare for scuba diving in arctic regions, such as Antarctica, Greenland, Norway and more.