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Diving in Greece: Three Unexpected Islands to Visit

Discover the beauty and history above and below the waves in these less-frequented islands in Greece. From sea caves to ancient pottery, divers of all levels will find something to enjoy, with some great food and company during surface intervals.

Scuba Diving and Wine: An Unexpected Pairing in Mallorca

A guide to the dive sites, hotels, wines and wineries of Mallorca, Spain. 

I Dived Croatia's Quirkiest Dive Sites. Here's How You Can Too

A drive-and-dive trip takes a diver through a near-bottomless spring, an underwater winter, the caverns of Kornati National Park and other otherworldly sites.

Chasing the Real Cousteau in Provence

Twenty-five years after Cousteau’s death, his vibrant legacy is alive and well along his native French shores, where a diver travels to experience the local impact of a global hero.

Five Adriatic Sea Shipwrecks to Dive in Montenegro

Wreck diving in the Adriatic Sea spans millennia, giving history buffs the chance to witness whichever eras they wish.

What It’s Like to Dive in an Underwater Winery

Diving Croatia’s Edivo Vina winery lets you fin through a purpose-sunk “Game of Thrones” ship and head home with a bottle of wine aged in the sea.

Great Destinations for Wreck Divers Traveling with Non-Divers

Three vacation destinations in and near Europe boast both world-class wreck diving and vibrant on-land attractions.

Where to Go Scuba Diving in Croatia

Splendid wrecks, saltwater lakes, natural cathedrals and more await divers along Croatia’s northern, central and southern coasts.