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Coral Reefs

An Ode to Coral Reefs

Within coral reefs exists an intimate marriage between land and sea. Learn more about how these reef ecosystems have shaped our planet—and why it’s important to protect them.

The Sound of (Reef) Music

Can sound save coral? One researcher is working to answer this question.

Scientists Discover Surprising News About the Fate of Coral Reefs in the Tropical Pacific Ocean

University of Miami researchers report that some coral reefs in the tropical Pacific Ocean could defy projections of imminent extinction thanks to their ability to adapt to changing conditions.

Rose Huizenga Named Sea Hero for Making Conservation Careers Accessible

For her ingenuity and perseverance, Rose Huizenga is our February 2023 Sea Hero.

New Divers Find a Sweet Spot at Donut Hole in the Middle Keys

This ring-shaped patch reef off Marathon offers all the ingredients for a shallow and spectacular dive

Smoke Show: Where to Dive Top Coral Spawn Events

Brooke Morton uncovers seven top locations where you can find and dive coral spawning events. From Maui to St. Lucia it's a crowd-pleaser you don't want to miss.

Polish Traveler Replanting Corals Threatened by New Maldives Airport

Maria Sotek is overseeing a rescue mission for South Ari Atoll’s Maamigili Reef, which was buried with sand during construction of an airport runway on Maamigili Island.

A Coral Disease is Spreading Through World's Second-Largest Barrier Reef

More than 20 types of reef-building hard corals are affected by stony coral tissue loss disease.

Meet the Divers Bringing Artificial Intelligence Underwater to Power Reef Restoration

A reef’s shape and sound are taking center stage in new research on coral restoration strategies.