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Dive Damai

The luxury of diving uncharted Indonesian waters from a liveaboard with an 18 – to – 12 staff–to–guest ratio. 

By Brooke Morton | Updated On November 10, 2023
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Dive Damai

Dive Damai delivers the ultimate in luxury for those who think they’ve seen it all. This operator, running the Damai I and Damai II liveaboards in Indonesia, divide sits time between venturing to new areas and traveling to regions when other operators don’t. For example, the yachts explore Komodo in December and January, when most liveaboards are absent. They also travel to the Mapia Atoll near the border of Papua New Guinea and all throughout Halmahera—areas not offered by other yachts. The luxury continues onboard. A staff of 18 attends to no more than 12 guests. Spa services are available. Meals are lavish affairs, paying homage to various nationalities; the chefs have trained under Italian, Japanese, and Spanish chefs to deliver authentic regional cuisine. It’s one more way Dive Damai creates a dive experience unlike any other.

2024 Readers Choice Awards

Indonesia won 11 Readers Choice destination awards, including first place in Underwater Photography and Best Overall.

Contact Info

+62 8123811225

Guests travel in luxury while exploring Indonesia aboard Dive Damai’s two liveaboard yachts.

Dive Damai