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Cressi Desert Drysuit: ScubaLab Best Buy

By Robby Myers | Updated On June 18, 2021
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Cressi Desert Drysuit: ScubaLab Best Buy

We tested the Cressi Desert drysuit. With a comfortable, body-hugging fit and a streamlined profile, it was our Best Buy for neoprene drysuits.

We tested drysuits at Devil’s Den Spring in Central Florida. Test divers rated each suit in 13 categories, including fit, comfort and range of motion in and out of the water, effectiveness of the seals, control of air movement, and how streamlined they were in the water.

We also evaluated each suit for its construction and the materials used in it, focusing on quality of manufacture and the suitability and durability of materials used. Noticeably lighter than the other suits in the test, the Desert offered a snug, trim fit and impressive range of motion. “Comfortable and flexible--like a wetsuit with an inflator,” is how one test diver described it.

It tied top score for fit, comfort and range of motion at the surface and scored excellent for overall comfort at depth. The close fit also helped it earn an excellent score for streamlining, despite the large, floppy thigh-mounted pocket.

Ultra-elastic neoprene seals were easy to don and doff, and although testers reported a little bit of weeping at the wrists, they scored very good for effectiveness and comfort. “Exceptional comfort,” one tester noted.

Air movement was rated excellent, tying the top score. The Desert’s wetsuit-like fit doesn’t leave much room for the thick undergarments required for extreme temperatures, but easily fits the bill for the diver looking for dry comfort in cooler waters. A favorite among test divers, the Desert provides above average performance and comfort for below-average price. It was our Best Buy for neoprene drysuits.