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Scuba Diving in Cozumel

By Scuba Diving Partner | Authored On May 31, 2015
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Scuba Diving in Cozumel

No matter your dive style — novice or advanced, first-timer or old-timer—Cozumel has diving for you. The current-swept reef starts just off the island's southern leeward shore: for beginners there’s the mild current and shallow nearshore coral gardens; intermediate divers will love the swift current and coral pinnacles near the drop-off; advanced divers can play along the vertical walls in deep water subject to unpredictable currents.

GREAT DIVE SITES IN COZUMEL Delilah, sometimes spelled Delila or Dalila, is a nearshore coral garden washed by a gentle current with lots of angelfish, colorful sponges and a variety of crustaceans.

Tormentos Reef's strong south-to-north current is the fastest drift diving on the island; you’ll jetted over large coral heads (about 10 feet tall) topped with whip corals and sea fans. You can take shelter behind these formations to see all the grunts, whitespotted filefish and schools of creole wrasse.

Devil's Throat, the central tunnel through Punta Sur Reef, is a rite of passage for all Cozumel divers. The sand channels lead to coral tunnels, which lead to the channel's deep water.

Maracaibo Deep is far from home if you're staying near San Miguel - a day's trip - so find an operator with a fast boat. The offshore wall lip is at least 90 feet, so mind your computer. Most divers come here to find sharks, but sightings are not guaranteed.

Barracuda Reef is the stuff of legend. If you can handle mighty currents, the site delivers on the promise of its name: plenty of barracuda.

Cozumel's east side offers shallower diving on "micro atolls," elkhorn coral gardens and swim-throughs, all in 50 feet or less. But what really makes this side unique are the cannons, anchors and countless cannonballs that have been exposed since Hurricane Wilma tore through and uncovered them.

NEED TO KNOW Weather: Average temp year-round is a balmy 80 degrees, though humidity can make it hotter.

Average Water Temp: Water temperatures range from 75 degrees in winter to 85 degrees in summer.

Average Visibility: 100 feet of visibility year-round.