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Best New Tec Dive Gear February 2024

By Robby Myers | Published On February 27, 2024
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Best New Tec Dive Gear February 2024

Highland Dark Water

Designed with an ultra-clear tint-free glass lens that allows for maximum light transmission and a brighter view, this frameless mask is well-suited for use in dark environments. The black silicone skirt is stiff, but comfortable. It provides a reliable seal that resists distortion in heavy current. The mask offers a good field of view and a boxy, easy-to-access nose pocket. Streamlined buckles are easy to operate, and they hold the split strap securely. Their low-profile design is durable and eliminates potential snag points.

MSRP $99.95


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Part of SCUBAPRO’s S-Tek line of technical dive gear, these fins are constructed of Monprene for extreme durability. The blade is pre-angled by 30 degrees to optimize the angle of attack required for efficient kicking. The fins seem to work the leg muscles a bit differently, so you may need a few dives to adjust before taking full advantage of their powerful thrust. Each fin includes two re-movable stainless-steel weight plates to adjust buoyancy to positive, negative or neutral. The S-Tek’s two-piece design lets divers separate the blade and foot pocket for travel, and allows the user to swap to a barefoot pocket in warmer water.

MSRP $299


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Orcatorch D630 V2.0

This update to the D630 canister light uses a new titanium alloy switch. It features an easy-to-use digital lock that prevents accidental activation of the powerful 4,000-lumen light during transit. The super-focused 7-degree beam is perfect for penetrating long distances and will run on high power for up to five hours. The cable can be adjusted quickly without tools to run in-line with the canister or at a 90-degree angle, which allows the light to be used for both back-and sidemount diving. Other convenient features include an adjustable Goodman handle and the ability to use the removable battery to charge small electronics via a USB port. The light is depth-rated to 150 meters. It includes a zippered EVA foam carrying case.

MSRP $659.95